Anbudsunderlag – ASDD AB

Regarding sale of the business and the assets in the bankruptcy of ASDD AB

Carler Law Firm, May 24, 2024


On May 20, 2024, the Swedish company ASDD AB, 559296-4562, was declared bankrupt and attorney-at-law Nils Åberg was appointed as official receiver in the bankruptcy.

ASDD AB / Aerit (”the company”), was founded in 2021 with the mission to transform the logistics industry using cutting-edge ai-powered autonomous robotic technology. The company has been recognized for its innovation and commitment to creating sustainable and efficient logistics solutions in the field of drone technology for last mile deliveries, including food, parcels, medicines, and other goods.

The company, which has developed innovative proprietary drone delivery hardware and software. Aerit has been at the forefront of leveraging drone technology to revolutionize delivery services, offering quick, efficient, and eco-friendly solutions.

As part of the bankruptcy proceedings, the assets of Aerit, including its proprietary drone technology (both software and hardware), and related intellectual property, will be offered for sale. The talented development team is still employed by the company and intact for the time being.

Interested parties will have an opportunity to acquire these assets and continue the development and deployment of drone logistics solutions, without having to take over any liabilities from the bankrupt company.

For more information about the company, see appendix 1-6. More information can also be found on the company’s website “aerit.io”.

Financial reports for 2022 and 2023 are attached as appendix 7-8.

The bankruptcy estate hereby invites bids for the business and/or its assets.

Assets for sale

The Assets offerd for sale by the bankruptcy setate are:

a) Proprietary technology

Winch system for autonomous operation.

  • Autonomous winch system which is designed for aerial delivery operations. The system uses a unique tension mechanism to ensure the line is properly handled.
  • Code template for autonomous operation.
  • CAD data, drawings, and BOM will be supplied, as well as a guide to help in assembly.
  • Nimbi Custom drones.

● Custom drone design specifically built for Aerit operations.

  • Battery powered (24v)
  • Communicates over 4G/LTE.
  • PX4 flight stack (1.13.3), vanilla with custom parameter set.
  • High quality video streaming over 4G network.
  • Range up to 21 km (without payload), 13 km with payload.
  • -15 degrees Celsius rated min temperature.
  • 12 m/s gusts rated max wind.
  • Rated payload 4 kg (with winch system), potentially 5 kg if winch system is removed.
  • Currently one vehicle in airworthy condition, at least two more can relatively quickly be made airworthy.
  • There is also a new version of the Nimbi drone which is ready for testing, the purchasing party can relatively quickly test the new architecture to ensure operational airworthiness.
  • CAD data, drawings, and BOM will be supplied, as well as a guide to help with assembly.

● Atlas – A flight path generator which constructs a flight path based on geographical data, airspace restrictions, and ground risk.

  • Takes a starting point and finishing point and generates the path between, optimizing for the least amount of turns and highest allowed speed.

● Stevie – drone fleet management software suite.

  • Allows for operation of Mavlink powered drones, specially built for Aerit’s nimbi drones.
  • Allows for camera views, winch operation, failsafe activation and flight termination.
  • Customer overview page and flight scheduling page.

● 3rd Party Verified Emergency Response Plan (ERP).

● Specific Operational Risk Assessment (SORA), Operational Manual (OM), and Concept of Operations (CONOPS) documentation for beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) delivery operations.

● Flight data, logs, and occurrence reports collected over 107 hrs of flight year round.

b) Domains and websites.


c) List of customers and suppliers.

d) Registered trademarks.

● Aerit (EU)

e) Social media accounts on Instagram and X.

f) The right to enter into the Company’s existing agreements, for example with customers and suppliers (subject to the other party’s approval).

General disclaimer and reservations

The bankruptcy estate transfers all property “as is”. It is the responsibility of a buyer to carry out the required inspection of the property in order to clarify, e.g., the scope of the assets and to detect any errors and defects.

The bankruptcy estate does not provide any guarantees regarding the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in this prospect or otherwise.

The bankruptcy estate makes no guarantees regarding the possibilities for a buyer to use or dispose of intellectual property rights. Use of transferred intellectual property rights is at the buyer’s risk.

A takeover of assets covered by agreements regarding e.g. rent, leasing or installments require the approval of the other party in the respective agreement.

The bankruptcy estate reserves itself against any misspellings or inaccuracies in this prospect.

The bidding procedure

Bids are requested primarily on the business and assets as a whole, and, secondly, on parts of the assets.

Interested parties are hereby invited to present written bids on the assets as a whole or for parts of the assets addressed to the bankruptcy estate by sending an email to Johan Sundström at [email protected] on or before the 3rd of June 2024 at 13:00 CET. All bids shall clearly specify the name and contact details of the bidder. All bids shall be financed and prepared for cash payment at closing. Closing is intended to take place no later than mid June.

The highest bid will be communicated to other bidders who will be given the opportunity to raise their bid within a shorter period of time determined by the bankruptcy estate. However, the bankruptcy estate will not state who made the bid.

The bankruptcy estate reserves the right to make its own assessment of bids places, as well as the right to sell all or parts of the assets while the bidding procedure is in progress, as well as the right to extend the bidding period.

Inquiries regarding the business and the assets are answered by Johan Sundström at

[email protected] or +46 (0)72 601 38 13.

Carler Law firm and the bankruptcy estate process the personal data used in this bankruptcy document. For more information about Carler Law firm’s and the bankruptcy estate’s processing of personal data, please refer to our personal data policy at Carler Lar firm’s website, www.carler.se.