Prospect – AmpTrack Technologies AB

The Company is a music tech company based in Stockholm, Sweden, that develops cutting edge music creation software for the web, desktop and mobile. The company’s main products are “Amped Studio” and “HumBeatz”.

The products

Amped Studio is a web based platform for creating and editing music (DAW – Digital Audio Workstation). The platform is user-friendly and is aimed at both experienced musicians and beginners. The platform includes ready-made loops, chord creator and advanced tools such as a dual-oscillator synthesizer and an FM synth. Amped Studio includes a newly developed AI Assistant that allows the user to use AI generation as a tool in their music creation.

The platform offers users to choose between registering a free membership, a premium membership, or a premium membership with AI included. The monthly cost of the premium membership is $6.99, and the monthly cost of the premium membership with AI included is $9.99. A Chinese version of the product is available on the Chinese service NetEase Cloud Music.

Currently, the platform has more than 325,000 registered users.

The company has also created a marketplace where creators can sell or license their created music.

The company has also created a standalone online audio editor based on Amped Studio which was sold to a third party, but the company has retained the rights to resell it unrestricted to anyone.

HumBeatz is a music app for mobile and iPad that allows the user to hum, whistle or beatbox an idea into the mobile, and then transform the melody or beat into any instrument.

The app is a four-track loop recorder and offers two modes: “Hum Mode” and “Beat Mode”. The user can then process the music loop through the app’s many sound effects. HumBeatz includes 30 instruments, 16 drum effects and features like delay and reverb. HumBeatz is integrated with Amped Studio allowing the user to export their HumBeatz projects to Amped Studios to continue and refine the project. The app is available for both iOS and Android and costs SEK 99 to download.

More information about the platform can be found on the company’s website and the company’s own presentation, appendix 1.

During the financial year of 2022, the company reports a total turnover of approximately SEK 6.5 million, the annual report attached as appendix 2.

The bankruptcy estate hereby invites bids for the business and/or its assets.

Assets for sale
The assets offered for sale by the bankruptcy estate are:

a) Application/program: “Amped Studio” (environment, source code and IP-rights)
including the rights to the standalone online audio editor based on the program.

b) Application/program: “HumBeatz” (environment, source code and IP-rights)

c) Registered trademarks (six active, two ended)
● “Amped Studio” (EU and Great Britain)
● “AMPEDSTUDIO” (China – two ended registrations)
●“Amptrack Technologies” (EU and Great Britain)
● “HumBeatz” (EU and Great Britain)

d) Social media accounts on Facebook and Youtube

e) Domains and websites
● (beta site on XRPL)

General disclaimer and reservations

The bankruptcy estate transfers all property in its existing condition. It is the responsibility of a buyer to carry out the required inspection of the property in order to clarify, for example, the scope of the property and to detect any errors and defects. The bankruptcy estate does not provide any guarantees regarding the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in this prospect or otherwise.

The bankruptcy estate makes no guarantees regarding the possibilities for a buyer to use or dispose of intellectual property rights. Use of transferred intellectual property rights is at the buyer’s risk.

A takeover of property covered by agreements regarding e.g. rent, leasing or installments require the approval of the other party in the respective agreement.

The bankruptcy estate reserves itself against any misspellings or inaccuracies in this prospect.

The bidding procedure

Bids are requested primarily on the business and assets as a whole, and, secondly, on parts of the assets.

Interested parties are hereby invited to present written, non-binding, indicative bids on the
assets as a whole or for parts of the assets addressed to the bankruptcy estate by sending
an email to Freja Lindqvist at [email protected] on or before 26th of March 2024. All
bids shall clearly specify the name and contact details of the bidder. All bids shall be financed
and prepared for cash payment at closing.

The highest bid will be communicated to other bidders who will be given the opportunity to
raise their bid within a shorter period of time determined by the bankruptcy estate. However,
the bankruptcy estate will not state who made the bid.

The estate reserves the right to make its own assessment of bids places, as well as the right
to sell all or parts of the assets while the bidding procedure is in progress, as well as the right
to extend the bidding period.

Inquiries regarding the business and the assets are answered by Freja Lindqvist at
[email protected] or +46 (0)72 601 38 14.
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