Air Leap Aviation AB in bankruptcy – sale of business assets

Information and bidding proces

Air Leap Scandinavia AB, SE 559303-6113, and Air Leap Aviation AB, SE 559159-7579, was declared bankrupt by Attunda District Court on the 21st of February 2023. Nils Åberg, Advokatfirman Carler, was appointed as official receiver. 

The assets in the bankruptcy estate of Air Leap Aviation AB are for sale on behalf of the bankruptcy estate. 

Interested parties are hereby invited to present written, non-binding, indicative bids on the assets as a whole or for parts of the assets addressed to the bankruptcy estate by sending an email to Carl Widstrand, [email protected] on or before 21 March 2023. All bids shall clearly specify the name and contact details of the bidder and include an explicit purchase price. All bids shall be financed and prepared for cash payment at closing. 

For details, please see the attached Inventory document

The bankruptcy estate reserves all rights to evaluate presented bids on an ongoing basis, as well as 

the right to make a sale in advance. This document with appendices shall not be considered as a binding offer. Any binding transfer of the business or specific assets is subject to a written agreement signed by the bankruptcy estate and each respecive buyer. 


The bankruptcy estate transfers all assets on in an “as is” condition. It is the responsibility of a buyer to carry out the required inspection of the assets in order to clarify, for example, the scope of the assets and to detect any errors and defects. The bankruptcy estate does not provide any guarantees regarding the accuracy and completeness of the information provided in this tender document or otherwise. 

The bankruptcy estate makes no guarantees regarding the possibilities for a buyer to use or dispose of the intellectual property rights. Use of transferred intellectual property rights (if any) is at the buyer’s risk.  

A takeover of assets covered by agreements regarding e.g., rent, leasing or installments require the approval of the other party in the respective agreement. 

For more information regarding the company and the sales proceedings, kindly contact:

Carl Widstrand, +46 70 213 22 86, E-mail: [email protected]

Nils Åberg, +46 70 545 21 25, [email protected]