Prospect; House of E. Products AB 

1.      The company

House of E. Products AB (“HOEP”) was declared bankrupt on 10 March 2023. Attorney-at-law Peter Eriksson, at Carler Law Firm (Swedish: Advokatfirman Carler), was appointed as official receiver.

HOEP has primarily been a distributor of skate- and streetwear, in the Nordic and Baltic countries. Further, HOEP has sold skateboards. HOEP has, inter alia, been a commercial agent for Sole Technology Europe BV and a distributor of Brixton’s products.

The bankruptcy estate hereby requests bids on all or part of HOEP’s business and assets.

It may be emphasized that a buyer of the business/assets does not assume HOEPS’s debts.

2.      The business and the assets

The assets are briefly specified in the following appendices:

Stock, stored in HOEP’s premises:

Appendix 1, mix of samples and deadstock from mainly Brixton, Primitive, Diamond, The Hundreds etc. Mostly clothing and some shoes.

Appendix 2, decks, trucks, wheels, grip tape and other skate hardware. Clothing, accessories and some shoes. Login details for the B2B web shop can be sent upon request if further specification is desired.

Inventory, appendix 3

IP-rights, appendix 4 and appendix 4.a

List of customers

Further, HOEP owns stock items which are held by a third party, appendix 5 (mix of samples and deadstock from mainly Brixton, Primitive, Diamond, The Hundreds etc. Mostly clothing. Link to store: The possibility to sell these stock items are under evaluation.

The appendices may contain errors.

3.      Disclaimer

The property will be sold “as is” and “where is”. It is the responsibility of the buyer to carry out the necessary inspections of the property in order to clarify, for example, the scope of the assets and to detect any errors and defects.

4.      The bidding procedure

The sale of the assets is planned to be completed as soon as possible. Therefore, preliminary (but not binding) bids should be placed promptly and no later than 23 March 2023. The bankruptcy estate intends to proceed with negotiations based on the placed bids. Bids are to be sent to associate Denise Stål at Carler Law firm by e-mail to [email protected].

The bankruptcy estate reserves the right to choose any bid on any terms, to prolong the deadline to place bids and to sell the assets before the deadline to place bids has passed.

For more information regarding the company and the sales proceedings, kindly contact:

Denise Stål

Mobile: + 46 72 601 38 18

Email: [email protected]

Advokatfirman Carler’s and the bankruptcy estate’s processing of personal data is carried out in accordance with our personal data policy, available on Advokatfirman Carler’s website,